LÓTOXA is a skin care product from the Malaysian brand. Founded in 2014, its originally comes from Lotus. Pure lotus, the belief is to pursue high-quality products, don’t stain the mud and be a lotus without pollution. For those who hope be the pretties, you can use it with peace of mind.

The creation of the LÓTOXA brand is also from REAL HEAVEN BEAUTY. A beauty salon with many years of experience, the founder has accumulated years of experience, looking for a quality formula before deciding to produce. All LÓTOXA products will be produced only after they have approved by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia NOT Certification. LÓTOXA’s products are designed for skin problems and needs in beauty salons and Asian skin.

Everyone who found beauty, whether it is a boy or a girl, always wants to find the product that suits him best. LÓTOXA’s skin care products contain a variety of important ingredients, giving multi-functional effects to meet the high quality requirements of modern beauty addicted.


LÓTOXA 这个品牌的创立,也是来自于REAL HEAVEN BEAUTY。一家有着多年经验的美容院,创办人累积了多年的经验,寻找了优质的配方,才决定生产的。所有LÓTOXA的产品,都会申请NOT大马卫生局的检验报告准证后,才会生产。LÓTOXA的产品都是针对美容院和亚洲人的肌肤问题和需求而设的。


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