• 欢迎有兴趣开立LÓTOXA 专柜。Welcome for franchising LÓTOXA store.
  • 旗下有专业美容护理院。Has a professional BEAUTY  SPECIALIST.
  • 欢迎有兴趣创立专业美容护理院者加盟。 Welcome to join a professional BEAUTY SPECIALIST.

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有兴趣合作者可以联系我们或电邮, 并写上有兴趣的是LÓTOXA Store或 Beauty Specialist.


We specialize in beauty line facial treatment and skin care products. We have 9 years of practical experience in skin care and beauty salons. We understand the needs of Asians for skin care and facial treatment. We want the spirit of the team to spread the profession. We hope to cooperate with the requirements of becoming a professional beauty salon and a deep understanding of skin care products.

Interested parties can contact us or email and note interested in the LÓTOXA store or Beauty Specialist.

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